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Pre-Roll Flower

Pre-Roll Flower

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Remedy, a cross between Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk CBD strains. Yellow-tinted buds hide under crystal trichomes and carry a lemon-pine scent. While smoking the sweet, floral notes of Remedy, the consumer is lifted into a state of mellow relaxation that differs greatly from the jarring experience induced by high THC strains. People looking to medicate without the pronounced head and body effects may turn to remedy.

100% Organic Hemp Flower .3 Or Less THC

.7g (1 Pre-Roll)

5 (.7g) Pre-Rolls , Net Weight 3.5g

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One Time Purchase, 3 Months Subscription, 6 Months Subscription, 12 Months Subscription


  1. Adam

    Wow…I never would have guessed that I actually like these , but ONENINE you blowed my mind. Instant stress relief, highly recommended!!!

  2. Alejandra

    Can’t live without these!! Best joints to help me stop smoking weed. They keep me relaxed and help me distress all while staying clean. Really recommend them if you want to stop smoking MJ or nicotine.

  3. Roman

    Super smooth and relaxing. I love these pre-rolls and I love this brand, always quality!

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What’s the best way to store CBD oil?

As long as the CBD oil is kept in a cool, dark place it has a minimum shelf life of one year. CBD oil is best consumed at room temperature.

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